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  1. Per official letter from Superintendent Registrar, Central Registration Office, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, to me.
  2. I have the original of Euphemia Page Green’s Certificate of Birth which, together with subsequent entries in Scottish Census Returns, confirms this.
  3. The original Army Form B.200 is in my possession.
  4. The original Army Form B.2079 is in my possession.
  5. The original Marriage Certificate is in my possession.
  6. The original Birth Certificate for John Edward Kennelly is in my possession.
  7. The original Birth Certificate for Bridget Norah Kennelly is in my possession.
  8. As noted in John’s Army Form B.200 and on the children’s Birth Certificates respectively.
  9. I have John’s engraved silver medals still in their presentation boxes and his team photographs in my possession.
  10. All periods between specified dates calculated by the website https://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html
  11. The original Birth Certificate for George Charles Kennelly is in my possession. His birth is also noted in RGA records.
  12. https://ukcensusonline.com  
  13. See in particular the excellent website by Sean Page, whose Grandfather, George Hamilton, joined the Battery on the same day as Sergeant John Kennelly: http://www.293siegebattery.co.uk
  14. The 293 Siege Battery’s War Diary is available from the National Archives in Kew under reference WO 95/479/9 .
  15. The movements and actions of the 194 Siege Battery RGA can be found in the National Archives in Kew under reference WO 95/326/1
  16. A good summary of which can be found on Wikipedia HERE.
  17.   Quote from C N Trueman, ‘The German Spring Offensive Of 1918’, available here: https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-one/battles-of-world-war-one/the-german-spring-offensive-of-1918/
  18. Private letter to BSM Kennelly from ‘(Signature indecipherable), Captain RGA, late O.C. 194 S. Bty. R.G.A.’ dated 7 December 1919, which is in my possession.
  19. London Gazette 30450, available online.
  20. London Gazette 30636, available online.
  21. Per Army Form W.3121, of which the carbon copy of the original is in my possession.
  22. Letter of recommendation dated 9 April 1919 from E B Piggott, Captain RGA, O.C. 194 Siege Battery RGA, the original of which is in my possession.
  23. I have a copy of the Brigade Routine Order from Lt. Col. H R Brancker, Commanding 87th Brigade RGA conveying his ‘hearty congratulations’ to my Grandfather, and I also have the original Certificate from the War Office confirming the award which is signed by Winston Churchill.
  24. I have the original letter dated 16 February 1920 from the Adjutant No. 19 (Forth) Fire Command RGA at Inchkeith confirming this.
  25. THIS LINK takes readers to the modern equivalent ceremony which differs from what it was when BSM John Kennelly performed the duty.
  26. The change was introduced by Army Order 338.
  27. I have the original letter from ‘J B Haig, Major RA, Commanding Officer, DE., RA., Forth Defences’ confirming this.
  28. I have the original Army Form B.2067 in my possession.
  29. I have the original Death Certificate in my possession.
  30. I have the original medal group of BSM J Kennelly DCM MSM 9541 RGA in my possession.
  31. Confirmed by an exchange of emails between me and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killorglin.
  32. Boy Soldiers of the Great Warメ.
  33. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puck_Fair
  34. http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie


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